Saturday, June 24, 2017

Call For Faithful Catholics To Act - Please Thank Bishop Paprocki For Being A Real Bishop

Please see the previous post for details of Bishop Paprocki's actions - and the vitriol being hurled at him by progressives.  Of course they would be full of venom and spite for darkness hates the light and will always rail against it.

New Ways Monstrosity (my new pet name for it - UPDATE: let's make that New Ways Misery) has published an open letter to the Bishop in which they voice their resentment at the truth being spoken by the bishop.  I don't have time right now to pick this tome apart.  They urge their minions to communicate on their own to the bishop.  They give lip service to being civil, but we know what the reality will be.

I will say this much for the progressives, though.  Generally when they hear a tocsin for action, they will drop what they're doing and heed the call.  We faithful Catholics, on the other hand, tend to demure and content ourselves with watching from the sidelines and remain silent.  We no longer have the luxury of being passive - as if that was ever a valid option.  It's time we change that and we can start now.

The New Ways Monstrosity letter is helpful in one way: it conveniently provides the contact information for Bishop Paprocki.  Please use that to send your own message of support and thanks to the Bishop.  Given the hate and spite that the progressives are sending his way, our messages of support will be much appreciated.  If you feel tongue-tied and don't know quite what to say, LifeSiteNews has drafted a petition of thanksgiving to the Bishop.  Please click here if you would like to sign it.  Of course you can sign the petition and write your own message.

Please do not remain silent.  No one of us can afford to sit by while others do the "heavy lifting" as it were.  We, each one of us, are the Church Militant.  Let's stand up and act, and support those like Bishop Paprocki who take a leading stance.  Please pass this post to your contacts.


  1. New Ways Ministry has posted their own "open letter" to Bishop Paprocki. These people have very thin skin, not to mention no understanding of Catholic moral theology.

  2. A word of caution here: I belong to a liberal downstate parish in Paprocki's Springfield Illinois diocese. In fact, the entire diocese is predominantly low-key liberal. A couple of years ago the liberal (heretical) powerful elite who control this parish defamed and ousted a faithful orthodox priest who had recently been sent here. Paprocki's staff was sent in to oversee the initial conflict, and they were at the very least, worthless, and more accurately - culpable in their pacifist attempts to placate the liberals demands and relocate of this faithful priest. And the next replacement priest from the next town over is basically a go-along to get-along social-justice liberal who feigns a thin veneer of "orthodoxy".

    And what was Paprocki's sole motivation? Revenue. Keeping the parish and its parochial school open at all costs. So, while Paparocki has always sounded faithful and orthodox - his actions can be quite different. So take this latest event with a huge grain of cautionary salt.

    1. As I am in Maryland, I've no basis for forming any conclusion on what you just stated. Suffice it to say that Bishop Paprocki is taking a stand and receiving huge amounts of flak from the progressive chattering class. The parish situation notwithstanding, he deserves our support for his directives.

  3. Words without actions are empty. His directives are only as sincere and worthwhile as his enforcement of them at a parish level. Otherwise, they are merely window-dressings of word-speak. And thus far there has been no actual enforcement of them (or even suggestion of them) at the parish level. I appreciate your enthusiasm to support the cause, but trust me on this: there are very few if any faithful Bishops in the United States. None of them have reached the career level they are currently at without selling themselves out to some liberal/progressive compromises somewhere along the line. In the end, all of them understand it's about the incoming revenue and the position of privilege that affords them. And to that end, do some research for yourself into the Springfield Illinois Diocese. Let me know when you've found a parish that is actually faithful to the immutable teachings of the faith. I would really like to know of one. And let me know when the Diocese stops promoting heretical groups like Catholic Relief Services, or Illegal Immigration, or the insanity of Islamic Refugees. I'm sorry to be such a wet-blanket on this issue. But in all sincerity, the Bishops aren't going to lead the faithful back to the True Church, because the fact is THEY are the ones who have been the source of its destruction.


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