Friday, June 30, 2017

Vatican Mafia Strikes Again

Yesterday I asked "who's next on the Vatican Mafioso hit list"?  We sure learned that in a jiffy, didn't we?  In a few days, Cardinal Gerhard Muller will no longer be prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.  He has always stated that the various screeds proceedings from the Vatican could never trump the Church's traditional teachings on faith and morals.  The LifeSiteNews piece theorizes about possible replacements for Muller; anyone of them would wreak havoc in that position.

Of the faithful prelates who headed various offices, only Cardinal Sarah remains - for now.  Pray for his strengthening and pray for the Church.   If your diocese has not yet had its "Peter's Pence" collection, consider boycotting it.  Regrettably the only language they will heed is the sound (or lack thereof) from the cash register.


  1. Boycott the collection boxes if you are in a mostly Protestant Church of Nice parish. Though all of the ordinations and sacraments may be valid (and unless we can prove they are not we have to follow the Church and affirm they are) they are barely valid. For sure your offspring will not get the faith there in any meaningful form, and once they reach their majority 85 percent will
    promptly leave the Church ---forever! Catholics have the God-given right to a faithful clergy, magisterial faith and moral teachings, and reverential sacraments!

  2. I hope he replaces Mueller with Fernandez (aka Smoochy) Frank's ghostwriter and author of Heal Me with Your Mouth: The Art of Kissing.

    Seattle kim

  3. Boycott CSA, with a frank and firm letter to your local bishops and Cardinals. I would suggest you attend your local vicariate meetings, as well(with like-minded friends and witnesses) stand up and voice your opinion in protest of this dismantling of the faith.


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