Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Four Awful Progressive Bishops And Those Resisting Them

Last August Pope Francis appointed Archbishop Paglia to head the Pontifical Council on Marriage and Family.  In this post I listed his credentials that must have favorably impressed this pontiff.  In a saner time, these "credentials" would have caused him to be immediately defrocked.  However, I've no doubt that he was seen as someone who would work with alacrity to undermine the teachings of Jesus Christ Himself with regards to marriage, life, sexuality.  Now it appears that he is touting his pornographic sacrilege of his cathedral as an "evangelizing tool".  Well, it's a tool for something, alright, but not for the Gospel of Jesus Christ as taught by His Church.  Whom does he think he's fooling?

Last week I blogged about Bishop John Gaydos of the Diocese of Jefferson City, MO.  He is directing his schools to admit children from situations where the adults are perverts or children who think they are "transgender" withouth any direction to amend their lives to be in conformity with Church teaching.  Happily it seems that some laity, with the help of one sane pastor, are resisting.  Church Militant TV conversed at length with one parishioner about the matter.  She is pleased that her pastor is not going along with this demented program devised by Gaydos.

We pray that this Jefferson City pastor does not suffer at the hands of faithless progressives, as this pastor is within the Diocese of Charlotte NC.  He is Father Christopher Riehl of St. John the Evangelist parish.  A faithful priest, he was appointed to head this parish that had been ravaged by his progressive predecessor.  Father Riehl instituted some reforms, causing some progressives to knot their knickers.  They went whining and pouting to Bishop Jugis and now Father Riehl is resigning.  The article doesn't come out and say that Jugis threw his priest under a bus, but given the way he betrayed Sister Jane Dominic Laurel three years ago, it's a sure bet that is precisely what happened.  Either Jugis is using linguine for a spinal column or he himself is a thinly-disguised liberal.

This bishop from England confirms the worst fears that many of us have regarding unbridled ecumenism - that is, when ecumenism doesn't have as its overriding goal the conversion of non-Catholics (including Protestants) to the One True Faith.  He is Bishop Ralph Heskett of the Diocese of Hallam.  He has released "guidelines" that suggest that in the name of "ecumenism" that Catholics perform acts of worship to pagan idols.  In other words, he is suggesting that his flock commit mortal sins against the First Commandment.  This is "go along to get along" that will, unless corrected, literally send souls to hell.

I write this not only to alert us to very real perils posed to us by some bishops, but also to advise that they are not proceeding without opposition, such as is happening in Jefferson City and Charlotte.  We must pray and support our fellow faithful Catholics and be prepared to put forth resistance ourselves.

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