Sunday, June 11, 2017

USCCB Bashes Trump On Paris Agreement, Silent On Sanders' Christophobic Bigotry

As most of you know, President Trump saved the United States from being economically and politically raped by the European Union vis-a-vis the Paris Agreement.  Of course this agreement was a darling to the gaia-worshiping wonks who drafted Laudato Si.

That of course means that the USCCB is waxing apoplectic over the withdrawal.  The USCCB issued a statement to that effect, showing that they are willing shills - if not full-fledged partners - in the environmentalist scam.  Conveniently they overlook (or hide) the fact that Trump offered to re-negotiate the terms of the agreement, but the EU would have none of that, for reasons not hard to fathom.

So now consider: Mass attendance continues to plunge, as do religious and priestly vocations.  Those Catholics that do bestir themselves to attend Mass are so poorly catechized that they don't know what happens at the Mass, they contracept and abort and divorce while receiving Holy Communion, they don't know the basic tenets of their Faith.  Of course they haven't the foggiest idea of the last four things: death, judgment, heaven, hell and that the choices they make in this life will irrevocably determine their eternal destinies.

At times the USCCB does some lip service about "freedom of conscience".  But they were strangely silent when Bernie Sanders flat out told Russell Vought that he would oppose him as a nominee for Deputy Director for the Office of Management and Budget.  The latter wrote an article defending the Christian school Wheaton College for its stance on Christian theology.  That was enough for Sanders to engage in an unconstitutional screed against Vought.  In essence, Sanders told not only Vought but all devout Christians that they have no place in civil government.  If that isn't rank bigotry, the first rattlings of a ghettoizing saber, I don't know what is.    Yet the USCCB utters not one peep on that?  Or are they silent for they too oppose anyone nominated by President Trump?

Doctor Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas TX, issued a public call for Sander to either apologize or resign his office - bearing in mind that in his screed against Vought, Sanders violated his oath of office that obliged him to uphold the US Constitution, including Article VI and the Bill of Rights.  Will the nation's Catholic bishops bestir themselves to do at least as much?

A phrase I coined a few years ago, "niggers of the new age", comes immediately to mind, for that is how Sander and his ilk would like to treat Christians.  Recall that this christophobe was a candidate for the US presidency.  These situations will become more and more frequent in this post-modern era unless our bishops start acting like true shepherds of the Church.  A good place to start for them might be the emulation of Dr. Jeffress' example.


  1. Soon Orthodox Catholics are going to need chiropractic insurance due to shaking head syndrome. Just in time and in lock-step with USCCB the Bishop- Diocese of Lexington, KY has made his Pentecost statement telling us that this Holy Event is about taking care of the earth and saving mountains! If time to waste, see for yourselves- remove the space after ht: ht tp://

  2. Bunch of ass-hat fake bishops. The bishop consecration rite of Paul vi is completely null and utterly void.

    Seattle kim


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