Thursday, June 22, 2017

Beware! We Are Being Primed For The Next Synod On Vocations!

A few days ago I commented on an article in Time magazine (online version) about some seminarians from the John Paul II Institute that is adjacent to Catholic University in Washington DC.  In that article are featured some young men from my parish - sincere and solid Catholics who are pursuing their priestly vocations.  They gave the interviews to Time under archdiocesan direction so they really had no choice in the matter.

I knew Time would chop and dice the words of the seminarians to suit their sick fancies.  Sadly, I believe that was the intent of the DC chancery, given the next slop-job synod that is on the horizon.  None too surprisingly, other faux-katholyc rags are glomming onto the Time piece.  The Not-At-All Catholic Reporter released their screed yesterday, based on the Time piece.  I have to hand it to them; at least they're honest about their dreams to tear the sacred priesthood to shreds.

The author of this glop is Pat Periello, a Baltimore native.  I wonder if he's related to Tom Periello?  If anyone knows, please drop me a line in the comments section.  Pat was a former seminarian at St. Mary's in Baltimore.  Was he there during the days when St. Mary's was known as the "pink palace"?  But I digress.

As you read the NCR piece, you'll see the dubious reasons for Periello's even more dubious "high hopes":
  • "priests being able to marry"
  • "priesthood that includes women in significant numbers"
  • "less driven by doctrine"
  • "espouse legalization of marijuana"
  • "position of generally not preaching on abortion"
These are the kinds of "hopes" that will send souls to hell.

Why, oh why, do I think these two articles are part of a coordinated plan to cajole Catholics into accepting pig-slop that will probably emanate from this upcoming synod on young people and vocations?

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  1. The full court press is coming or here. They are growing impatient, you can see it, the behind the scenes clamoring, the complaints that faithful Cardinals like Sarah be silenced or sent away to the outerworld. Of course this is their hour, and they are going to use this "synod" to finalize what has already been decided, all of the above.
    I no longer belong to this Church, this FrancisChurch. I am a member of the Roman Catholic Church, which I will never leave, but FrancisChurch, is dead to me.
    I want no part of it.
    I will not attend it.
    I will not support it financially.
    We must get out and go to the Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form, for us, even if it means we cannot attend as often as we would like.
    The Novus Ordo Church is dead. Only Jesus Christ can raise it again, if it be His Holy Will.


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