Thursday, June 8, 2017

Pope: "God Cannot Be God WIthout Us"?? Say WHAT???

In his Wednesday general audience, Pope Francis uttered the words above; see the LifeSiteNews article for more context.  This is utter heresy.  It strikes at the very nature of God Himself.   Any theologian worth his salt (and for that matter, anyone with common sense) will tell you that God is all-sufficient. He is all powerful and all-encompassing within Himself.  He doesn't need us to somehow "complete" Himself; to insinuate otherwise would be to say that there was a time when He wasn't as omnipotent as He is now.

Read what St. Irenaeus had to say about the matter.  It is worth noting that the excerpt comes from one of his works entitled "Against The Heresies".  Heresy is exactly what the Vicar of Christ uttered yesterday.  If his understanding of the nature of God is so flawed, it's no wonder that he flubs up so much else.

We must educate ourselves in the doctrines and truths of Our Faith.  Only very few - even our shepherds - will assist us in that.

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  1. This guy says the most insane things!! Maybe I'm wrong, but I would think that the most primitively knowledgeable Christian would know how ridiculously fallacious this statement by Francis is. Maybe I give people too much credit, but a lot of what he comes out with is laughable. Does he really think that we don't know any better? I would hope that most Christians would KNOW this is the opposite of what is true. You really can't make this stuff up.


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