Friday, June 2, 2017

Trump Trashes Gaia-Worshiping Climate-Change Junk-Science

Yesterday President Trump announced that the US would be extraditing itself from the hamstring boondoggle known as the "Paris Agreement".  As Huffington Post sniffs, this is within a week or two of the pope presenting to President Trump his faux-gospel known as Laudato Si.  He must have read it and understood its basis in progressive crap-science.  Breitbart News posted a list of harms that have been averted due to our rejection of the Paris Agreement.

The HP piece quotes Bishop Sorondo as whining that Trump's action "would be a slap in the face for us".  Truth be told, the whole Pontifical Academy for the Sciences might benefit from some slaps to the kissers.  Of course I speak figuratively for I would never assault clergy in that manner.  To strike the ordained is an act of sacrilege; even if they don't hold their sacerdotal orders in high esteem, I do.  The adulation they have heaped upon notorious baby-killing proponents (Jeffrey Sachs, Paul Ehrlich, Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown, etc) betrays their allegiance to progressivism and hatred for western (that is, Christian) culture.  I've been following the encroachment of environmentalism in the Church for a while now.  To an ever increasing number of people it is becoming clear that environmentalism is a Trojan horse for population control (via contraception, sterilization and abortion), one-world government, with that government encroaching so much on the lives of people that it supplants God in their lives.  Here is just one expose of that fact; I urge you also to go to the Vortex link in this article.

The anti-life philosophy behind environmentalism reared its ugly head as recently as last month, when environmentalists tried to maintain the Paris Agreement.  You can see that in the video below, seeing how they reacted to the pro-life message.  I thank God that President Trump thwarted these people for now.

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