Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Coming From The Rubble Of The Referendum

News is coming forth of some Irish clergy who are raising their voices in defense of the Church's teachings regarding life in the wake of the referendum debacle.  Bishop Kevin Doran of Elphin said that Catholics who voted for the repeal while knowing that it would result in abortion being unleashed in Ireland should take their vote to confession.  He stopped short of telling such errant Catholics that they should not receive Holy Communion until they do.  That last waffling was to his discredit.  Now I presume that the ballots are secret, but if any Catholics in his diocese were flagrant in their disregard for the laws of God, I pray that he would have the decency to obey Canon 915 and deny Holy Communion to them until they repent of the public evil they committed.

Northern Ireland was not impacted by last week's vote, although the pro-aborts have that area in their crosshairs.  One Northern Irish priest laid down the law to a couple in his parish that advocate for abortion.  Father Damien Quigley of the Diocese of Armagh told the couple that they'd need to discuss their advocacy with him before he allowed them to be married in his church.  He relayed this message to the couple privately, so one has to imagine that the couple themselves leaked the matter to the public.  They are behaving in much the same way as did Barbara Johnson did six years ago in my parish when Father Marcel Guarnizo denied Holy Communion to her since she was openly engaged in a lesbian relationship.  Now the question remains if the Bishop of Armagh will through Father Quigley under the bus as did Cardinal Wuerl to Father Guarnizo.

Now hear from Bishop Athanasius Schneider.


  1. Bishop Schneider is doing his best to proclaim truth and encourage the faithful!!! May the Dear Lord protect him and give him the courage and the perseverance to continue on in his battle for the Kingdom. I give thanks for him and for ALL of our Priests and Bishops that are remaining faithful and proclaiming truth to the flock!!

  2. If only this wonderful Bishop were Pope!

  3. The path to this disaster started a long time ago, even before VII. But then came Paul VI (to be "canonized"!: I no longer accept all of these modernist "canonizations" as infallible) and he began the destruction. The religious Orders were hit hard and decimated to a great extent. Francis is now continuing that decimation even further because there were still some faithful left there. Paul took away the Mass and gave us a protestantized version and brought about changes in the secular Orders and in the Sacraments ritual all of which led to further decimation and abandonment of the faith. Francis is continuing that because the Church still has some faithful. Yes, I think the Church somehow will last and that Our Lady will triumph---some day. Because the Church has failed in her teachings and clergy, the whole world has suffered. We have lost the respect for life, family, marriage, etc. The former president of the US was voted in because he was half black. That Roseanne Barr is being thrown under the bus for a "racist" tweet. No free speech allowed. And my state may elect a sodomite as governor! Yes, he has a "husband" and has adopted children and sports himself as a dad playing baseball--all just normal, nothing to see here. But people will vote for him to show they support that "gay" agenda. This is what we have come to and I think a great reason is the failure of Catholics--not all the fault of the laity either.


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