Friday, May 25, 2018


At this time the Irish polls have closed and the ballot counting is underway.  Exit polls indicate that the snakes may have returned to Ireland, however we can still pray for a miracle.  I join some blogging colleagues in wondering why Pope Francis has been so silent regarding this vote, considering that Ireland is (or was) one of a handful of countries that ban the baby-slaughter known as abortion.  The pope certainly seemed to have enough words regarding our presidential election in 2016, but none regarding this crucial matter?

For that matter, where are the faux-prolifers who call themselves "New Pro-Life Movement" and "Rehumanize International"?  Google them and search their sites and social media pages for one word about this referendum.  Let me know if you find anything (giving url) because I couldn't find where they uttered a peep.

As I said, I believe the ballot-counting is still underway, or maybe it will commence tomorrow.  Thus it's not too late to pray your rosaries and to all the Irish saints, that the Lord may preserve intact this lonely bastion for the babies.


  1. To help me better understand why many in the pro-life movement are not interested in understanding that the real threat at end of life is today’s palliative care movement could someone please tell me the names of the groups you refer to in this post?

    1. I named them in the post. That one actually calls itself "new pro life movement". They are "seamless garment" proponents and thus supporters of socialized medicine. In addition to googling them, please search them on this blog. Their conduct regarding the murder of Alfie Evans was nothing short of atrocious.

    2. I tried to check it out. As far as I can see, the New Pro Life Movement seems to have folded in Feb, 2017. At least, that was the last ppost on their site. Re-Humanize Internaitonal published their most recent magazine in March, 2018, but none of it jumped out as related to current campaigns of any sort, neither the usual Pro Life issues (abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, suicide) nor about cognate SJ issues. Nothing about Pope Francis, either (although I didn't read everything) -- at least, no Pope Francis in the headlines, subheads, pictures of captions. I apologize for being superficial, but it seems it is not their aim to cover current campaigns. Maybe they are more in the philosophical or academic line?

    3. Not necessarily. Regarding NPLM, check out this post of mine from April 26 and click on the links therein.

  2. Vatican II is in full bloom.

  3. The snakes have returned to Ireland.


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