Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Piers Morgan Trumps Cardinal Dolan In Decency And Common Sense

And that title doesn't say a whole lot.  That's not to slight Morgan, but to point out that just about anybody with a scintilla of common sense and decency will outshine Dolan.

I never heard of the Met Gala before the one that happened a few days ago.  Apparently it's quite a hoity-toity fashion show where all the wealthy folks and entertainers and all other sorts of glitterati wear expensive clothing along some given theme and rub elbows with each other.  Usually the women came dressed in rather provocative attire, like "ladies of the evening", if you get the drift.  This year someone came up with the bright idea of making the attire "catholic-themed".  So many of them came in attire that was unabashedly blasphemous.

Dolan was yokking it up with the blasphemers, (keeping with behavioral patterns of the past) complaining more about the quantity of food rather than the disrespect and bigotry being heaped upon his Faith.  From the New York Post I quote, "Dolan cracked to fellow guests that he was the only one who didn’t have to go out and buy his duds for the evening — though organizers were disappointed he didn’t accessorize more."  Well why didn't he "accessorize more"?  Did he forget about his signature head-gear (to the right)?

But Dolan probably has reasons, I'm sure - and I do mean rea$on$!  What does sacerdotal dignity and duty mean when beaucoup d'argent (French for "plenty of money") is to be had?

Piers Morgan wrote a very lucid article in the Daily Mail, pointing out the anti-Catholic bigotry on display at this Met-Gala thing.  He rightly pointed out that those blaspheming the One True Faith wouldn't dream of doing that to the Muslim or Jewish religion.

He also pointed out how bizarre it was that the Vatican gave its permission for Catholic accouterments to be featured at this sort of event.  He asked, "what the hell was the Vatican thinking?"  Faithful Catholics also ask that question, and have been asking that question quite frequently since Francis ascended to the papal throne.

Again, faithful Catholics are being treated as "niggers of the new age".  Among the bigots treating them as such are their own traitorous bishops.


  1. And here's another scandal, little boys were the main musical event, the boys of the Sistine Choir! Now why would little boys and men singing together be "interesting" for THIS crowd? This is the same crowd that gives Roman Polanski a standing ovation, the man who repeatedly raped a 13 year old girl. This is the same crowd that looks the other way when boys are routinely molested in Hollywood, they refuse to "see" that or even mildly criticize it. So one wonders why little boys and men singing together would at all be amusing to this crowd of blasphemous pagans. Don't wonder, connect the dots, and ask yourself why these children would be brought all this way and attend such a scandalous pagan put on as this. Their parents ought to be ashamed. The Vatican, that allowed Vatican accoutrement to be featured ALONGSIDE sadomasochistic headgear, a "bondage mask", should be ashamed of itself, if it has any sense of shame. But the head of these items at the Vatican is a known homosexual, so, there's your explanation. Now how did a known homosexual get to be in that position? Oh, guess, go on, guess!
    And there sat Dolan, Prince of the Church, and Jimmy Martin, who was scoring some dates in his "sexy priest outfit", enjoying seeing Madonna wear her crown of thorns and mock the Passion of Our Lord by having her arms outstretched, she, wearing a dress with a cut out cross that allowed her old, wrinkled cleavage to be front and center.
    And no, next year will not feature Islam nor Judaism. The people who sponsored this insult to Catholicism were all Jews, so you know that's not going to happen. It's all in fun, for them that is, because Catholics never make a stink. We're just all so mellloooooooow. To be Catholic is to be eternally passive no matter what. It's one of the cardinal virtues now I hear.

  2. The Cowardinal's appetite for popularity is as big as his midsection. But popularity isn't what people want. What they want is Truth.

  3. You are spot on with your comments, Kathleen. My husband and I are beyond livid! As long as prelates like Dolan ( and many other Bishops) have the big bucks of the Schwarzman's, Weiss's and Bolton's they will continue to mock, ridicule and blaspheme Christ and Holy Mother Church with the blessings of Rome.

  4. The mockery saddens my heart. That a "cowardinal" of the Church would approve and happily participate along with that certain jesthuit is a travesty. Yes, reparation is needed for the blasphemy. Where, O Lord, are true shepherds?

  5. Yeah....Piers Morgan of ALL PEOPLE is more Catholic than most of the Church Hierarchy! So beyond disgusting. He used to have a spot on EWTN....I think called 'In Conversation with Cardinal Dolan' or some such thing. If they even dare to air that program again, I will let them have a little piece of my mind. After this, I would hope they wouldn't even think about it.


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