Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Rome Life Forum On May 17-18

The Rome Life Forum was founded by LifeSiteNews and is now carried on by Voice of the Family.  Their meeting this year will focus on combating modernism within the Church.  Yes, modernism is found at all levels of the Church and has even emanated from Pope Francis himself.

If one is still inclined to pretend that modernism is no problem, please reflect upon the murder of Alfie Evans, sanctioned by most of the UK Catholic bishops.  Think of Katy Perry being invited by the Vatican to sing the praises of transcendental meditation.  I spoke a bit yesterday of "cooperation with mortal sin" being itself a mortal sin.  The Vatican provided a forum for the commission of mortal sin against the First Commandment.  Throw into the mix the sins of blasphemy and sacrilege and we can see that those who invited Perry and/or allowed her to pollute a Church event are guilty themselves of grave sins. That's modernism for you.

The prime mission of the Church, as defined by Jesus Christ Himself, is the salvation of souls.  That CURA conference had nothing to do with that, and even appears to have caused scandal to souls.  Likewise the prattlings of the the US bishops.  Jihad Watch tells us that they submitted a brief to the US Supreme Court claiming that President Trump's travel ban is "blatant religious discrimination".  We do well to remember that the US bishops have a vested financial interest in securing the largest immigrant population possible.

The Vortex that I'm going to post below details how many dioceses are experiencing the effects of all this modernism and loss of faith.  Many are engaged in silly marketing campaigns.  Perhaps they need to listen to Archbishop Sample's homily from the Pontifical High Mass this past Sunday at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.  They don't need cheap gimmicks.  All they need to do is to present the real Catholic faith.  Of course that entails that they believe the Faith and repent of their dalliances with modernism.  By the way - when I speak of "cheap gimmicks" I also refer to the regrettable tendency of clerics and religious orders to carry on like silly buffoons in a misguided attempt to "reach the youth where they are".  Again, young people, indeed all people, need to see the Faith lived out in all its splendor and dignity.

Let us pray for the success of the Rome Life Forum.  I look forward to posting the videos as they become available.

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