Thursday, May 10, 2018

A Closer Look At The Met Gala Debacle

Two days ago, when I wrote about the Met-Gala sacrilege that relegated Catholics (once again) to the status of "niggers of the new age", I linked to a New York Post article.  It didn't dawn on me at the time but now I cannot help but notice how much Dolan seemed to carry on about feeding his face with hot dogs and peanut butter sandwiches.  It's apparent that he loves to chow down - more so than perhaps his Faith and his office as Prince of the Church.

He also loves to make a fool of himself, and by dint of his office, fools of his fellow Catholics and even Jesus Christ Himself.  Of course he had assistance in that from the Vatican, as they lent Catholic artifacts to the gala to be objects of mockery.

Father Peter West posted on Facebook some of the real damage that Dolan did at that gala.  I cannot find that post on Father's wall, but Eponymous Flower saved a screen shot.  I'm going to post a Vortex in which Michael Voris touches upon the roles that Cardinal Ravasi (this one!) and Archbishop Ganswein (designated by the pope to make sure the Pope Emeritus stays quiet?) had in engineering the gala-debacle.

By the way, Bishop Robert Barron seems to have trouble seeing the blasphemies and sacrileges for what they were that evening.  Of course, this is the prelate who entertains the delusions that hell may be empty.


  1. Pray for Cdl. Dolan, he is so very misguided!! It seems to me his love for being 'front and center' is greatly overshadowing his Catholic sensibilities. Lord have mercy.

  2. The words of Fr. Livid Fanzaga in his book The Deceiver come to mind: "Satan loves a spectacle, success, glory, and applause. If Christ has chosen the cross, Satan has chosen the stage."

  3. OnePeterFive also has a good article about the Met Gala with an interesting comment about it's 2yr. preparation with the assistance of Archbishop Ganswein and donation of precious vestments from the Vatican.

  4. Once again we are asked to see an obvious insult to God and the church and believe it is just a misunderstanding and, they had no idea! Absurd. Not only do these men hate God (if they believe at all) and Catholicism, they hate us, because what we are experiencing is torment, as they flout their disbelief and blasphemy in front of our faces and demand we continue to consider them "Princes of the Church". They are no such thing! They are apostates, heretics, and Satanists, because who else would participate in an outrage such as the one that just occurred at the Met. Sacred objects, blessed and intended for holy purpose, were themselves handled by profane hands and used for sacrilegious purposes in front of the world. The joke was on the Catholic faith this past week, and Cardinal Dolan was the Toastmaster. This same man said 'bravo!' to homosexuals who came out in his parish, and has fully approved of the NY St. Patrick's Day parade being taken over by homosexual groups marching front and center. In fact, he has not minded at all that in that same parade, despite the face that homosexual groups are marching under their OWN banner (not for St. Patrick but for sodomy) that pro-LIFE groups were denied that same privilege! This is FINE with Cardinal Dolan.
    God will repay.


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