Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Was Alfie Deliberately Poisoned To Death?

Both LifeSiteNews and Church Militant provide reports that on Alfie Evan's last night of life, that his father was called from his bedside for a "meeting".  During the time he was away, a nurse gave Alfie injections of four different drugs.  Just before those injections, the oxygen saturation level in his blood was a very healthy 98%.  Within two hours after the injections, that level plummeted to 15% and he was dead.

I'll spell it out.  I believe that Alfie was given a lethal mix of drugs in order to bring about a quick death.  We call that a deliberate act of murder.  Let us pray that an independent autopsy of Alfie can be done, for we can be very certain that Alfie is not the only victim of such murderous tactics - and they probably happen on "both sides of the pond".

Meanwhile Cardinal Vincent Nichols and other British bishops have reemphasized their support of the murderous hospital.  Someone on another site called Alder Hey "Auschwitz Hey".  That will be my new name for that 21st century death camp.  It is on the Church Militant site.  I won't post that here for I believe it necessary to post a video detailing the nine ways in which one can be guilty in cooperating with sin - and that is precisely what Nichols and his fellow prelates are doing.  Those who cooperate with a mortal sin are themselves guilty of mortal sin.  Accordingly, they place their souls in grave danger of damnation.  As you watch the video, consider #5 and #8.  I'll also link to a more comprehensive treatment by Father Ripperger.  It would seem that the bishops, and much of the British government, share guilt in Alfie's murder.  How many Americans share guilt in the murder/abortions of babies?

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  1. The Third Path Movement or the low profile wing of the euthanasia movement (see also uses a cocktail of pills, e.g. haldol, morphine and atavin to name a common cocktail. Depending on the condition of the patient, death usually comes within a couple of days.
    Unfortunately, two Soros scholars Drs Katherine Foley and Daniel Sulmasy are on the newly constituted Pontifical Academy for Life. The PAV has become a big advocate of palliative care. They want it “everywhere and by everyone.” Check out their new project PAL-LIFE. Read about their first meeting at the end of March/beginning of April. A couple dozen global advocates of palliative care were there. Sorry I do not have the link at to quote at this time.
    Elizabeth D. Wickham, PhD


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