Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Scandal Of Katy Perry At The Vatican


  1. Just when you think it cannot get any does!

  2. HA!! Everything this 'Pope' does is a scandal. We are at the point of 'Scandal Saturation'. I'm afraid we are being 'De Sensitized' by all the scandal coming from this guy. The reason the 'Dictator Pope' must now have a sequel to the book! It's NEVER ENDING.

  3. Great job Michael. Your posts help me, every time. It would be even harder to endure this apostasy in our church if there were not a few people pointing out how very terrible it is. We would be entirely alone in this and probably have dropped out of the culture entirely by now, because it would just be too agonizing, so thank you.
    Michael I just yesterday spoke to a devout Catholic lady, and we were having a conversation about our church and Pope Francis. She is no doubt very aware of where we are, but she continued to defend Pope Francis. "I've learned so much about MERCY from him".
    We are all entitled to our opinion. Opinions are like snowflakes and everyone has a different one.
    Our church, all the way up, is in full blown apostasy, and not only apostasy, but is on an intentional, focused, and earnest, path of destruction of our Church and our faith, as well as Christendom itself, and our former Christianized culture in the West.
    Yes, we should resist, but only God can fix this disaster. May He help us soon.

  4. Ah, just the 'scandal of the week'. Sometimes we get a scandal a day. The Vatican is ruled by the prince of this world and his minions are welcome there. But one day, oh may it be soon, the Lord will say ENOUGH!

  5. I find it amazing that practically everything that comes from the mouth of Poop Francis causes scandal. Where are the Cowardinals?

  6. I am grateful to Francis. As a Catholic convert of 15 years, I was very confused and often angered by this man.

    In the end I went back in history and realized the church before Vatican 2 is simply a different church.

    Then I went further back and re-read history from an Eastern Orthodox perspective. I am no longer angry at Francis and have been happily chrismated Eastern Orthodox.

    The Roman church has since the great schism, continued to morph and add new doctrines which have sometimes contradicted previous ones. It is the nature of the beast.



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