Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Why Was Alfie Murdered Before His Second Birthday?

Last week I and others pondered aloud the very real probability that the British medical system, with the collusion of Britain's legal system and even the Roman Catholic hierarchy in that country, murdered Alfie Evans in cold blood.  They did the deed just before he attained his second birthday, which is today.  The timing of that is no coincidence.  They appeared in a hurry to have him die before he reached his second birthday, and there is a reason as explained here.

"Oh, it's just a tin-foil-hat crank conspiracy website!", one may poo-poo.  If you believe that, did you search the UK website for yourself?  They supplied the url, after all.  I did, and yes indeedy, if a claim is to be made for vaccine damage, it must be done after the patient is 2 years old.  The National Health Service, if it did cause damage to Alfie's brain with a reckless dosage of vaccines, had a vested interest in hastening his death.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is socialized medicine.  In ascribing to government the responsibility for medical care of its citizens, we would also be ceding to government the authority to make life-death decisions for those citizens.  Such a government would become a soul-less, monstrous behemoth.  That is the situation in the UK now.  That the bishops over there have become so compromised is clear indication that they have some sort of financial stake in the system.

We in the US aren't that far behind them.  Obamacare started us on that path, with the conniving assistance of the USCCB.  Had Hillary Clinton won the White House, I believe our fate in this regard would have been sealed.


  1. "Socialized Medicine" is a poor euphemism. The correct term is "Socialist" medicine.

  2. The real term is: "Socialist medicine WITH DEATH PANELS". They will decide who lives and who dies, and all of this 'cover up' was to protect even just one little segment of their eugenics program. I'm not overly versed on the Charlie Guard story, so when I have time I am going to dig into that one somewhat.

  3. Yes, I had read that about the vaccines having done the damage and about how the parents could sue after the child turned two. They made sure he did not.

  4. Americans cannot sue for vaccine damages. Big Pharma power.

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