Thursday, August 2, 2018

A History Of Bishops Bending Over For The Gays

In this Vortex, Michael Voris rightly excoriates Cardinals Cupich, O'Malley, Wuerl, J Tobin, Bishop Bootkoski for their parts in "running interference" for their champion pervert, McCarrick.  The one thing I'll add at this time is more information on these prelates who disgrace their miters.

Cardinal Dolan is Archbishop of New York.  I've written tons on him; you might recall that he marched at the head of the St Patrick's Day Parade after it admitted gays to profane the name of St. Patrick.  Jay Malsky is a flaming gay and in charge of the "gay straight katholyc alliance" at St. Francis de Sales Church in New York City.  He performs in drag and actually put on his wig in front of the Tabernacle, thus committing sacrilege.  Will he be thrown out?  Don't hold your breath.  But Father Justin Wylie was when he dared to petition for priests to offer the Traditional Latin Mass.

New York is not the only diocese to have a pervert at the helm of one of its "gay ministries".  Chicago, under Cardinal Cupich, has one too.  He is at St. Patrick's Church.  Within the next two months, he and his accomplice in sodomy will mock and profane the Sacrament of Matrimony.  At least the debacle is not happening in a Catholic church, nor is the reception.  Again, how long will he be allowed to use the Church to justify his mortal sin?

If Cupich hasn't been faced with sacrilege against matrimony yet, Cardinal Tobin did when he was archbishop of Madison, Indiana.  A Knight of Columbus council rented its hall to two lesbians for their so-called "wedding reception".  We petitioned Tobin to no avail.  At first I thought he merely caved to the lesbians.  Now I wonder if the Council caved to the lesbians under the orders of Tobin.

And then there's my home diocese of Washington.  The maltreatment of Father Marcel Guarnizo, during Lent of 2012, happened in my home parish.  That happened with full knowledge, if not initiative, of Cardinal Wuerl.  Bishop Knestout behaved as the good little hatchet man, and was eventually rewarded by being appointed Bishop of Richmond.

Bishop Bootkoski is another who tossed a faithful Catholic under the bus.  Three years ago, a Catholic high school teacher posted a tweet in support of the Church's marriage teachings.  For her fidelity she was fired.  Fortunately, we caused enough uproar to bring about her reinstatement but she should never have been put through that angst in the first place.

I'm sure you see the common theme.  In each case, the prelate in question was doing the bidding of the gay cartel.  They even stabbed faithful Catholics in the back for so doing.  Enough is enough.  Bishop McCarrick has turned in his red hat.  Many more red and purple hats (and maybe a white one) likewise need to be surrendered.  The prelates discussed at the top should lead that foray.


  1. "...Cardinal Tobin did when he was archbishop of Madison, Indiana."

    Correction, he was archbishop of Indianapolis. The incident occurred in Madison.


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