Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Archbishop Gregory's Disgraceful Hissy-Snit-Fit Today

Yesterday President Trump went to historic St John's church in DC, just a short walk from the White House.  He went a day after rioters tried to set it ablaze.  All sorts of religious (?) leaders were appalled - not at the wanton attempt to destroy a church with historical significance, but that President Trump actually visited the church.  In fact, "bishop" Mariann Budde was shocked - shocked! - that police used tear gas and rubber bullets to clear away the peaceful little arsonists from the church.  She sniffed that Trump didn't give her the "courtesy" of advance notice.  Did she utter the same complaint at those who set fire to the church?

An open note to Ms Budde - Honey, all pretenses aside, you ain't no bishop!  Perhaps it doesn't occur to you that all that nasty tear gas is why St John's is still standing?  But if you really are concerned about the poor little thugs, why not invite them to wreak havoc at the National Cathedral?  I'd bet they would have a blast - in more ways than one!

But onto today's scandalous behavior by Archbishop Wilton Gregory.  A visit by President Trump to the Saint John Paul II National Shrine today had been schedule a while ago as a prelude to his signing of an executive order regarding religious freedom.  The president adhered to that schedule, giving Gregory a lame excuse to launch into a display of faux-indignation.  In it he decries the dispersal of the thugs from St John, implying that the late John Paul II would condone the destruction wreaked by the rioters.  Nowhere in Gregory's tirade did I detect one word of rebuke for the thugs who brought about much destruction and yes, murder, in these past few days.  In fact, we hear little from the bishops in terms of denouncing these events - aside from their politically correct pabulum about racism.  George Neumayr has a piece on this matter that deserves reading.

By the way - if there is any silver lining to the cloud of the rioting it is that they have made plain to all the world that the covid-19 shutdown and "social distancing" was just a cheap sham.  Did you see or hear any governmental nannies reproach those mobs for "failing to social-distance"?  Neither did I.


  1. Revised and enlarged title with explanation of changes:

    DC Ecopalian* Bishopess's and CINO Archbishop Wilt**'s Disgraceful Hissy-Snit-Fits Today

    *An Episopalian with the piss knocked out; it went into her title

    **Synonym for "limp" as in limp-wristed]

  2. Well said. I keep wondering when our alleged shepherds will actually lead.

    Virtue-signaling is a deadly disease. Weakness invites aggression.

  3. As if we were in need of additional proof, the mask is off of the US Episcopate. They blatantly come down on the side of evil...AGAIN and attack good. "I will vomit them out of My mouth"

  4. Nice work. Here is a link to a petition one can sign requesting an apology.



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