Sunday, April 22, 2018

Is The So-Called "New Pro-Life Movement" Showing Its True Colors? came across an open letter written to the president of Steubenville University that appears to be nothing more than a hit-piece screed aimed at some professors who blew the whistle on Rebecca Bratten Weiss several years ago during a Human Life Review symposium.  I needn't rehash the CM piece, but will point out that I too commented on Weiss's shortcomings at the time the symposium occurred.

Among other things it should be noted that NPLM is related to a similar outfit called Rehumanize International through a common board member, Aimee Murphy.  Rehumanize International is replete with its own moral issues arising from its seamless-garbage ideology, including the retention of a lesbian as a prominent staff member.

Ponder the revelations made by the CM piece and my earlier piece, to wit,
  • The support of at least two of their leaders for Hillary Clinton during the presidential race
  • Weiss's ambivalence regarding the babies' unalienable right to life
We see that the group calling itself "New Pro-Life Movement" is not pro-life.  We might well call them "Non Pro-Life Mutation".  They have no claim for respect whatsover among true pro-life people.  That underlined name suits them better.  Henceforth, that is what I shall call them.

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