Saturday, December 4, 2010

Abortion Must Be Shown, If It Is To Be Stopped

Innocent Victim of "Choice"
Stephanie Gray is the executive director of the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform.  She has written an excellent article entitled, A March for the victims — that excludes the victims?  I urge its study - particularly by those pro-life people who have visceral reactions against the showing of the pictures.  I think some of that reaction is an unconscious denial that this atrocity could be happening in the United States, and maybe even just a few blocks away.  Why, that might shatter some comfort zones!  It might cause us to have to face the problem!  It might even (gasp!) challenge us to action.

We don't seem to have that reaction in other facets of life, now - do we?  Remember your driver's education courses?  It seems like every other session we were being shown films of gory auto accidents.  Of course these were show to induce the 16-year-old students to exercise care behind the wheel.  The various cancer societies will sponsor tv ads or billboards that compare healthy lungs to diseased lungs. 

We all know that pictures of black protesters being hosed down brought the civil rights movement to national attention in the 1960s, as did the little girl burned by napalm for the Vietnam war.  As we faced our squeemishness then, so must we do today. 

I speak to many in diocesan pro-life offices (and you know who you are, and I may start exposing some of you!).  Don't like the pictures?  Too bad!  If you're serious about ending abortion, you will mortify your reluctance to show the pictures as the temptation to evil that it is.  Get over your reluctance, put some steel in your spinal columns and do your jobs - regardless of the progressive lemmings that occupy other diocesan offices.  At the very least, stop shunning those who do take the heat and who do have the guts and integrity to tell the truth as it needs to be told.

I know there are some who are hurting from abortions, or who care for those who so hurt.  What I said holds for you, too.  I have seen the display of these pictures save mothers and babies.  That is, they prevent other women from undergoing the horrific experience of abortion.  What?  Should we cover over the pictures?  Should we cover over the truth that may save a mother and a baby?  Should another woman undergo that wrenching experience because others didn't want to experience discomfort?  Such would be false compassion, with deadly consequences.  Think long and hard before you criticize the use of the pictures.

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics has a number of these pictures.  I particularly invite any pro-choice reader to view these, to see the results of such choice, and to understand why some "choices" are immoral.  Here's an account by Father Pavone about a pro-choice person who changed her mind after she saw the pictures.


  1. The link to Fr. Pavone's example describes a woman who saw pictures online. Is there documented evidence that the photos produce the desired results when displayed on the street outside of a clinic? In my experience I've never seen a woman change her mind about abortion because she saw a graphic abortion picture on the way inside. On the other hand, I've seen the signs trigger arguments and yelling. The regular clinic workers seem oblivious, calloused to them. I think there's a place for the photographs, absolutely. I'd like some proof that the there's a positive side to using them outside a clinic, though, since I do see a negative side to the use of them there. I'm open to persuasion...

  2. As far as using them outside a clinic, there are different schools of thought. I'm a sidewalk counselor myself, and recently had the experience of a woman turning away because of the pictures. I cannot give details at the moment. The escorts hate the pictures and attempt to hide them. On one of my earlier postings, I show a video of them in the act of so doing; try putting "escort" or "sidewalk counseling" and one of the results will show that clipl.


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