Saturday, December 11, 2010

NJ State Senator Gags Pro-Life Testimony Against Planned Parenthood

In an attempt to override Governor Christie's funding veto of Planned Parenthood, which essentially stripped the abortion perpetrator of state funding (causing one of the PP death centers to close), the NJ Senate Budget Committee held a hearing on Bill S239, sponsored by Senator Paul Sarlo and Senator Loretta Weinberg.

A post-abortive woman, who had her abortion at Planned Parenthood, attempted to testify in opposition to the bill.  The woman's name is Darlene Dunn.  So what happened at that hearing?  She was ordered to turn off her microphone because she stated that she had an abortion at Planned Parenthood.  Sarlo et al told her that her abortion experience was irrelevant, since the funds supposedly won't be used to fund abortion.  Well, anyone familiar with not-for-profit budgeting and the attendant machinations can tell you that statement of Sarlo's was disingenuous on its face.  Moreover, Sarlo surely knew that.

The National Catholic Register blog has a video of the incident.  New Jersey voters!  When your elections roll around again, give Sarlo et al their walking papers!

Ms. Dunn is not being silent about the abysmal treatment meted out to her, in the attempt to ram through the Planned Parenthood funding.  May God bless her for her courage and grit.

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