Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Baby In A Dumpster

I remember when the pro-aborts were trying to convince us how abortion would solve so many problems.  Among the ills to be solved was child abuse.  Well, guess what?  It hasn't worked the way they said it would. In fact, child abuse and even child murder accounts have skyrocketed since abortion became ensconced in our culture, putrifying everything around it.  Hardly a month goes by anymore where we don't read of some account of newborns being left in dumpters, toilets, trash cans, wooded areas, etc.  Why?  It's a no-brainer.  With the lessened regard for pre-born children, we see lessened regard for born children, elderly, infirm, etc.  We are now living in a culture of death, as the late Pope John Paul II stated.

Here we read of a case in North Carolina where a woman disposed of her dead child in the trash.  She was sentenced to - are you sitting down? - 36 months of probation.  She's not seeing one day of jail, apparently.  Now what kind of message does that send?   Answer - the exact kind that Roe v Wade and dopey officials such as the Messiah Most Miserable send.

I'm sure before January is out, we'll hear of another similar situation.  God have mercy on us!

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