Thursday, December 16, 2010

Did Carhart Attempt To Deceive MD Physicians Board?

According to Operation Rescue, the answer appears to be a resounding "YES".  In Operation Rescue's account, they detail what they saw on the copy of Carhart's MD license application that they received pursuant to their Maryland Public Information Act request.

The website in turn links to a pdf of Carhart's license application.  As you browse through it, notice that the word "abortion" appears not once.  I couldn't even see other euphamisms such as "reproductive services", "family planning" or "pregancy termination".  Of course he stated, as did Vicky Saporta of the National Abortion Federation, that his main purpose in coming to Maryland was to perform late-term abortions, which are permitted under Maryland law.

Operation Rescue has filed a complaint to the Maryland Board of Physicians, shedding the light on Carhart's real motive for his Maryland license application.  As you read the list of Carhart's many, many misdeeds, understand that this list is incorporated into the complaint; that is also linked on the OR website.

Lately the MD Board of Physicians has taken a dim view of abortionists.  Within the past few months, we have seen them suspend and/or revoke the licenses of Stephen Brigham, Nicola Riley, George Shepard and Romeo Ferrer.  We pray that with this case set before them, with its clear-cut evidence, that they'll revoke the license of LeRoy Carhart and send him packing.

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