Sunday, December 12, 2010

Report Of Yesterday's Witness For Life In Germantown

As previously announced, the Archdioceses of Baltimore and Washington spearheaded a prayer vigil at Germantown Reproductive Health Services yesterday morning.  It started off with 8:00am Mass (which pretty much filled the church to capacity) at Mother Seton church, which is literally around the corner from the death mill.  Then participants walked from the church to the area where Monday's rally was conducted, in prayer.  They returned to the church.  Here is the account of The Washington Post.

Here's a picture of Carhart's death mill in Nebraska.

Cheery little dump, isn't it?  To anyone of the management of the Executive Park center in Germantown, if this man continues in your office complex, you risk having your place look like this rat-hole, too.  If you think your real property values are bad, just watch them plummet when word gets out about the lowlife inhabiting your area.

Please check the Kick Out Carhart site at the right for updates.

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