Friday, December 17, 2010

Napolitano Announces New Security Issue!

So what is this dire threat?  Is it..
  • Yet another foreign nationality that hates the US?  - No!
  • Discovery of yet another weapons-smuggling operation? - No!
  • Discovery of nuclear arms caches within the US? - No!
  • Bombs set to go off at key locations? - No!
Then what did Napolitano identify as a "security issue"?  Well, sit down.  Have the smelling salts ready, for you will be terrified.  It's CLIMATE CHANGE!

Assuming that you haven't rammed your fist through your monitor by now, you can read this article to hear how she justifies this waste of tax dollars.  Moreover, you no doubt will understand clearly why she simply cannot waste precious Homeland Security dollars on such trivial matters such as securing our borders and preventing illegal aliens from marching right on in (as did several of the 9/11 bombers).

This and the de facto sexual assaults in the airports are just two of the reasons why Napolitano, and the entire DHS, must go.


  1. You're right. We need to leave awkward groping to the people who who have proven that they have not only the desire, but the resources to make sure it continues unobstructed...Catholic priests!!

  2. Unfortunately the TSA does have the means to continue their dirty work; some who have complained have been detained, threatened with arrest, etc.

    Going to your "Catholic priest" item, we will clean that up the minute that the hierarchy takes seriously its responsibility to expunge gays from their ranks. Over 90% of their victims have been boys or young men - a clear indication of the role that homosexuality has played in that debacle.

  3. If you were somehow able to eliminate all gay men from the priesthood (which will never happen), and this somehow eliminated all molestations of boys by priests (which it wouldn't, since homosexuality and pedophilia are not the same thing), you would still have thousands of girls across the world who were raped by priests (who would then be transferred instead of excommunicated and reported to the authorities). What would your solution be then? Expunge all the straight priests from its ranks?

  4. The elimination of gay men from the clergy will eliminate 90% of the problem. While it's true that not all homosexual men molest boys, it is true that the men who molest boys are homosexual. Since its early days, the Church has wisely forbade homosexuals from entering the priesthood or religious life - for the very reasons that we see today. As far as the rape of girls go, that is heinous, and I see no reason why the Roman collar exempts anyone from criminal prosecution and incarceration.


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