Saturday, December 25, 2010

Faux "Conservatives"

A few days ago, a commenter opined that the Tea Party may be "about fiscal issues" rather than social/moral issues.  You might recall my reply that if such was the case, then the Tea Party would only do damage to itself.  Then yesterday it was brought to my attention that Ron Paul voted last May to allow gays into the US military; in my opinion, he has destroyed his own credibility.

Now we hear word that the American Conservative Union has allowed GOProud, a RINO gay-rights bunch, to assume a planning role in the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).  Read the comments below the article; I am heartened that most see this move for the depraved, compromising foolishness that it is.  If ACU/CPAC keeps this up, they'll consign themselves to irrelevance in a heartbeat.

We also hear that Pat Robertson has gone balmy on the issue of marijuana laws.  He thinks that these laws are more detrimental to youngsters than is the pot itself.  We also hear that Robertson thinks that marijuana laws are more deterimental to youngsters than is the marijuana usage itself.  Perhaps he doesn't care to consider that law does have an educational impact on society, and lets members know what behaviors are conducive to proper individual and societal function.  While he may bring up valid points about the enforcement of the laws, his suggestion to abolish the laws is no solution whatsoever.  He sounds like just another who's thrown up his hands to "go along to get along".

If so-called "conservatives" will allow themselves to be influenced by the progressive culture of death rather than lead us away from destruction, then they'll just become part of the problem.

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