Sunday, December 19, 2010

TSA Has An "Ooops!" Moment

From Jihad Watch, we read how an Iranian businessman forgot (?) that he had packed a loaded handgun in his luggage.  The flight occurred last fall.  More detail of the incident is on this ABC report.  The report details how at some airports, the failure rate to detect deadly weapons is at 100%.  Mind you, we're talking of metal-detection xrays that should easily have caught the weapons.  The TSA agents simply weren't paying attention.

So what is their solution to this lack of attention to common-sense measures?  You got it!  They're now running their paws all over toddlers and subjecting grandmothers to carcinogenic x-rays.  They see that as a solution rather than something so complicated as to stay awake at that monitor screen on the conveyer belt. 

Maybe if Janet Napolitano can stop focusing on climate-change junk science and actually do her job, things might improve.  What am I saying?  She did such a lousy job with the Arizona borders.  These folks don't give a rat's behind about our security.  They're simply using their positions to degrade the US citizen and intimidate us into being sheeple of the state.

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