Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cardinal Wuerl's Dereliction Of Duty

This is the title of George Neumayr's article from yesterday's online edition of the American Spectator.  I think the article is aptly named, as it details the way in which the Archdiocese of Washington completely bungled the handling of Father Guarnizo's situation.  He starts with the oft-repeated quote from St. John Chrysostom: "The road to hell is paved with the skulls of bad bishops."   Considering that St. John is a Father of the Church, one must conclude that the problem of lack-luster bishops in the Church is by no means new.  However, the damaging effects of poor actions are not thus mitigated.

The America Needs Fatima blog posted a similar piece, noting how the chancery literally gave the gay rights bunch a big victory as they threw a good priest under the bus.  Compounding their shame is that they did so when we in Maryland are facing off against this movement to salvage the status of traditional marriage in Maryland.


  1. I find it very strange that Wuerl is not going to be at the Stand Up for Religious Freedom rally in DC. He provides no statement either, if their website is accurate.

    1. Maria, thanks for pointing that out. I couldn't find it either, although there are statements about the HHS mandate. If he can't be there (owing to pre-existing commitments) why can he not at least promote the rally on the archdiocesan website?
      Similarly, I saw no support for the rally on the USCCB site, nor that of the Maryland Catholic Conference. What gives? If we overlooked something, please provide the url.


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