Monday, March 19, 2012

Stand Up For Religious Freedom Friday March 23rd

Christians and other people of good will are coming together Friday March 23rd in rallies across the nation at federal buildings everywhere, starting at 12 noon (local time zone).   Please go to the "Stand Up For Religious Freedom" site to find the location nearest you.   Those of us in Montgomery County MD have a choice between attending the one at the HHS building in Germantown or the HHS facilities in Washington DC.  Details for each are found on the main website.

This blog has been focused a bit on the plight of Father Marcel Guarnizo.  While I do not intend to let him drop off the radar (to the consternation of some misguided souls), I will be commenting further on the Church's role.  I'm glad they're starting to step up to the plate.  However, the hierarchy must admit to its own abysmal role in propelling the federal government to such a position of power that it now arrogates to itself divine prerogatives and assumes tyrannical roles.

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