Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Maryland's Frankenstein Bill

It's HB 449, called "Health Care Decisions by Surrogates - Donations of Nonvital Organs".  It is authored by Dan Morhaim (D - district 11 Baltimore County).  He is its only sponsor; I pray there are no additional sponsors.  Right now it's in the Health and Government Operations Committee.  Contact the committee members and ask them to kill this bill.

Under the nightmarish provisions of this bill, a guardian of a person in a non-responsive state would be authorized to donate that person's non-vital organs to another.  Mind you, this is before the person is dead and the "donation" is without their consent!

By the way - Morhaim is a doctor who authored a book called "The Better End".  Ostensibly, it's about dying on your own terms.  Unless of course, you are disabled and then it's perfectly ok to have your guardian rip out a kidney, eye balls, etc while you're still alive.

Come 2014, it might behoove all of us to have this Franenstein-doctor retired from Annapolis.  But make sure you don't wind up in his medical care later!

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