Saturday, March 24, 2012

Last Week's New Ways Dissent-Fest

I direct your attention to the New Ways blog's own article on the event last week.  The title of the post seems to be based on a sentence in Barbara Johnson's address to the meeting, "All that matters is love".  Doesn't it have a ring of the old Beatles song "All You Need Is Love"?  Shades of the 1960s' hippie-dom!

The article has so many errors in it that there won't be space enough here to touch on them.  Notice the second paragraph where DeBernardo claims that Johnson was the victim of "liturgical abuse".  He has it precisely ass-backwards.  It was Johnson who was trying to force Father Guarnizo into committing liturgical abuse by facilitating her sacrilegious Holy Communion.  Of course he stood firm and tried to prevent it (I say "tried to" because she committed it anyway by going to the Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, who was unaware of her status).

Then there's this erroneous notion of "love" that was bandied about at that meeting.  They seem to confuse it with a blind passive acquiescence to any violation of God's laws regarding life and its generation.  If God is love, how can blatant violations of His laws be countenanced "in the name of love" - except that such a notion of "love" be counterfeit?

Pray for all these people.  They have been blinded by a myriad of devilish lies.  And yes, please pray for her deceased parents as well.

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  1. This love blather was also in the Catholic Standard last year concerning “gay” marriage:
    “Montgomery Del. Heather Mizeur said that growing up she struggled with reconciling her Catholic faith and knowing that she was gay. In appealing to her fellow delegates, she said, "I love each and every one of you without regard" to where they stood on the issue or what they might have said or done on the same-sex marriage issue. "God loves you. Examine your conscience," Mizeur said with passion. "Do the right thing. Cast your vote in the name of love."”
    I attended a mass at the Crypt Church shortly after the death of Yeardley Love; during the sermon, the priest remarked that the cleansing of the temple showed that even Jesus sinned by getting angry [“For God made Christ, who never sinned” 2Cor5:21]. I had never heard of her, but soon read in the Catholic Standard that, "Two thousand years ago," Father Breighner said, "a young Jewish rabbi [not the Christ] named Jesus died a senseless [this was during the Easter Season], violent death. All he did and preached was about love [what about the angry cleansing of the temple?]. This week a young woman died a senseless, violent death. Her name was Love and love is what her life is all about." And "In memory of Yeardley [not the young, Jewish rabbi], make the better choices from now on," the priest said. "Choose kindness instead of cruelty. Choose forgiveness instead of vengeance. Choose love instead of hate. Choose the right thing instead of the wrong thing.” “‘We need to make the rest of our lives a memory to her," said Riedl, whose daughter, Alexandra, attended Notre Dame Prep with Love.” [Not pray for her or offer a mass for her – make the rest of his life a memory to her – what does that mean?]
    “Mourners celebrate life of murdered lacrosse player, urged to forgive”
    I looked up this 22-year old Catholic “2006 graduate of Notre Dame Preparatory School in Towson, Maryland” who went to Church every Sunday w/her family and to Catholic school all week clothed in her “blue-and-white school uniform and saddle shoes” and discovered facts as blood curdling as those in the Barbara Johnson affair. How did this horror story translate into sermons equating either of these two Catholic fools with Jesus Christ? Since when is the funeral of an un-shriven fornicator (who died brain injured and drunk) a time for Catholics to celebrate a life that wasn’t ALL about love? [“The wages of sin is death.” Rom 6:23.] Not three weeks later Gov. O’Malley’s daughter who also attended Notre Dame Prep (and probably Love’s “life celebration”) was found by police unconscious in the gutter at the Inner Harbor where she had gone after a graduation “celebration” to board a boat with a young man. “It’s a teachable moment,” her mom gushed.[Yeardley's mom & sister (and all Yeardley's supporters) wore PINK to her murder trial.]
    Bishop Lori “has chastised the Obama regime repeatedly over the HHS contraception mandate.” When has he chastised Catholics for using contraception?
    [“Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?” Rom10: 13-14 (how can you call on His name if you are drunk and brain-injured and no-one ever even told you about the four last things—Jesus is you! You are Love! Your mom is rich! Let’s celebrate!)]


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