Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Maryland News: Bad And Good

First I'll give the bad news.  It appears that State's Attorney Ellis Rollins (for Cecil County MD) dropped criminal murder charges against Steven Chase Brigham and Nicola Riley.  I've blogged on the sordid careers of these two baby-killers (put their names in the search box).  Operation Rescue has more on this.  Kinda makes one wonder what pressure was brought to bear on Mr. Rollins.

Now the good news.  In summer of 2008, several members of Defend Life's Face the Truth Tour underwent false arrests in Harford County, MD.  Eventually charges against all of them were dropped (almost right after the arrests, since they weren't even formulated at the time of the arrests).  Defend Life pursued justice, and now the Maryland Board of Public Works will be paying over $385,000 to the falsely-arrested pro-lifers.  Moreover, the Maryland State Police must implement a training program within 120 days to train its officers and employees in the meaning of the First and Fourth Amendments   Yes, there is justice, and the Bill of Rights still means something!

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