Saturday, March 31, 2012

Maryland Primary Elections - This Tuesday, April 3rd

If you are registered, you should have received your sample ballot.  Please look it over carefully.  The recent redrawing of US Congressional District maps has changed things considerably.  I was quite surprised to learn that parts of St Patrick's parish in the Norbeck area of Rockville are in US Congressional District 6 - a district that was previously isolated to the northwestern part of the state.  By the way - that means for the first time in decades, I'm not ashamed of the person currently representing me in Congress.

If you haven't received your sample ballot, go to this site, click "verify voter information" and fill in your information.  It will tell you your registration name, polling place and your Federal and MD districts.

Let me mention (once again!) before I get started that Faithful Catholics of MD/DC Inc. is NOT a charity as recognized under IRS code 501c.  That means I can make any political statement that I please (sorry, liberal lawyers!).  I am registered Republican, so I'll only comment on the GOP races; I have no knowledge of the Democrat primary races.

In a previous blog, I mentioned that I was supporting Rick Santorum.  Such is still the case.  I don't agree with him on all things, but of the current crop he has been the most consistently pro-life.  For US Senator (Ben Cardin's seat), I personally recommend Robert Broadus.  I've met him several times at Tea Party and other events and believe him to be solid.  That doesn't necessarily mean none of the others are solid, just that I have little knowledge of them.

For US Congress, Maryland Right to Life Federal PAC has put out their list of endorsed candidates.  They are:
  • District 1 - Andy Harris
  • District 2 - Nancy Jacobs
  • District 5 - Tony O'Donnell
  • District 6 - Roscoe Bartlett
  • District 8 - Dave Wallace
There is only one GOP candidate running in each of the other three districts; they will be facing pro-abortion incumbents in the general election.

As far as the Board of Education races, I'm not knowledgeable enough about them, save this one tip.  You might see that the literature of a given candidate sports an apple, indicating endorsement by your county's Education Association.  That will be a local chapter of the National Education Association - a pestilence of which I've written in previous posts.  See here, here and here.  In other words, I hold that "red apple" as an indication of someone for whom I should not vote!

Ladies and gentlemen, whatever else you do that day, make sure you get yourselves to the polls and vote!  Your vote counts!

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  1. District 8 - Ken Timmerman seems to be more pro-life. Correct me if I am wrong


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