Thursday, March 22, 2012

Abortionist Gives Sidewalk Counselors Handy Tips!

Yes, that post title is a tad sarcastic, but it fits in well with the silliness of this abortionist. First, ht to Jill Stanek who first posted this on her blog.

Ann Furedi, CEO of British Pregnancy Advisory Service, the UK's largest independent abortion perpetrator, had some (ahem!) "words of wisdom" to share with sidewalk counselors.  I won't bother to repeat the self-serving screed in its entirety here.  But I'll quote the last line and offer a "translation" for it is quite revealing not only of her arrogance, but her sheer stupidity in believing that any pro-life activist would actually take her nonsense seriously.

Here's the line. "Outside a clinic is the wrong place, and women in immediate need of care are the wrong audience."

Here's my translation. "Outside a clinic is the wrong place, for it reduces our daily bank deposits and hurts our profit margins.  These women are the wrong audience for they're supposed to be our customers and cash cows."  Don't you think that's much more accurate?

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