Friday, March 2, 2012

Lifesite News Report On The Denial Of Holy Communion Last Week

Lifesite News has more details on what transpired just before the funeral Mass last weekend at St John Neuman Church in Gaithersburg, MD.  Please read it.  You'll see that Father was actually impeded from having that "private, pastoral" meeting with Ms. Johnson.  Father had no choice but to deny her Communion.  Mind you, Ms. Johnson did not have to present herself for Holy Communion.  Indeed, Canon 916 binds her to abstain until such time as she makes a worthy Confession.  Again, all this was made clear to chancery officials at the onset, rendering all the more pathetic and inept the apology that Bishop Knestout pronounced.  Moreover, his reprimand of Father Guarnizo was utterly lacking in respect for the truth and the Eucharist, let alone justice for Father Guarnizo.

The Lifesite News article states that Ms. Johnson is the author of lesbian erotic literature.  Thus it can be asked if the woman who was denied Holy Communion last week is this individual?  Here's another.  Notice that this one is set in Delaware and DC, which makes understandable Lifesite New's allegation that this author was at St. John Neumann Church last weekend.  If "Barbara Johnson the smut author" and "Barbara Johnson who was at St John Neumann last week" are one and the same, this sheds new light upon her desire to see Father Guarnizo removed from the priesthood.  It also would make Bishop Knestout's apology appear all the more foolish.

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