Friday, March 9, 2012

Some Others Weigh In On Father Guarnizo's Situation

Newsbusters takes an understandably dim view of the lack of research done by the Washington Post before they published Barbara Johnson's sob-story account of the events of February 25th.  Read Tim Graham's article here.

Then we have this piece by Ann Barnhardt (you may need to scroll down to March 4, 2012).  I've come to appreciate her no-nonsense way of stating things.  Then we have Matt Abbott of Renew America writing of "A Lesbian's Wrath".

Now read this about "Fall Guy Priests".  This tells the stories of good priests who've been back-stabbed by their bishops/superiors, etc.  Herein we read of Father Guarnizo, Father Michael Rodriguez and others.

To the trolls of the Archdiocese of Washington - Please read these articles closely.  Take them back to the Cardinal.  Please advise him that we are not buying the partisan line that Father Guarnizo "acted inappropriately".  The chancery needs to take some lessons from Father Guarnizo, not vice versa.


  1. Catholics do not have to take this lying down. We do not look upon the words of Cardinal Wuerl as the "final" comment. We do have recourse. One way we can do that is to write a respectful letter to the Apostolic Nuncio in Washington.

    An "open letter" to the Nuncio has been published on this blog, and I recommend a reading of it:

    I wrote to the Nuncio yesterday about this. I encourage everyone else to do the same. His address can be found on the above-mentioned blog, or by googling it.

  2. Dan, thank you for the letter. I'll post the link in the next blog post and I echo your suggestion.


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