Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pravda On The Potomac

That is the nickname many of us gave to the Washington Post many years ago, owing to its leftward tilt in both its editorials and reporting.  Only a few days ago did I learn just how correct we were.

This report from LifeSite News details how the Washington Post has been allowing itself to be an outlet for propaganda arms of both China and Russia.  I commend the LifeSite News to your reading - no need to rehash it here.

I will emphasize one thing.  Accuracy in Media hypothesizes that the Post is prostituting itself because it (Post) has been losing money.  Well why do you suppose that is?  Is it because many people (such as me) who once subscribed got sick of throwing their hard-earned money at shills for progressives?  Ya think?  I wonder just how much this little fiasco will cost them?

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  1. We stopped buying the Post years ago, when Gene Weingarten started confusing porn with humor, and we felt uncomfortable letting our teens
    read the Sunday (!) paper. Rome and the Pope are never presented in an unbiased manner, and the Father Marcel incident has just proven without a doubt, that this paper is no source for news, but simply a mouthpiece for the squeaky wheel of political "correctness", which is anything but. Selling out to China? Just another day at the office. I can hardly believe people still read it.


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