Monday, October 20, 2014

Double-Shame On CUA - Dissident Cardinal Kasper To Receive Award From CUA

Two days ago the esteemed Cardinal Burke gave an interview to the Catholic World Report.  In that interview he lamented that the SinNod was obviously orchestrated by certain elements (and Edward Pentin opines from the top - the Pope?) to advance progressive, dissident agendas.  He also went so far as to say that Cardinal Kasper's racist remarks were made to advance his dissident positions.  It is obvious that indeed the remarks were a clumsy attempt to discredit Cardinal Napier.  He might have gotten away with his lie had it not been for Edward Pentin's recording.

Quite frankly, Cardinal Kasper has been shown to be a flaming dissident and a bald-faced liar.

Now comes the burning question  Why, oh why, is the Catholic University of America going to bestow its Johannes Quasten Award on him on Nove 6th?  See this Rorate Caeli post for the details.  Apparently the attendees will also sit through his wind-bag exercise about the "Theological Background of the Ecclesiological and Ecumenical Vision of Pope Francis".  I don't know about any of you, but I think the world has already had its face rubbed enough in that muddy mess of a "vision".  At the end of his closing remarks at the end of the SinNod, the pope said we now have "one year to mature".  "Mature" means to be brainwashed into accepting heresy.  It's odd how I'm just noticing now that "mature" and "manure" are different by only one letter - but in the context of the pope's address I don't think it's that much of a difference.  But with this address, the "manure-maturation" process will be underway!  I am reminded of David Kupelian's book The Marketing of Evil.  He talks of the psychological process of jamming.  Since the progressives in the Church are working for acceptance of the gay sin inside our Church, I can see him borrowing a tactic of gay activists.

But let's get back to the Catholic University of America.  What has gotten into them?  As we saw yesterday, they are about to renege on their responsibilities as Catholic educators and let a gay rights activist be celebrated on campus.  Now they're going to bestow a prestigious award to a dissident cleric who has attempted to push through his warped agenda during last week's SinNod.  In prior posts I have lauded CUA for standing firm in Catholic matters, such as keeping their dorms unisex.  Now with these two pieces of news that I share, I must wonder if they've been infected with that deadly disease known as "the Francis Effect".  Pray for CUA, for things don't bode well for them spiritually.

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