Saturday, October 11, 2014

More Muddied Water From The SinNod

The stench and poison emanating from the SinNod is all too obvious, except to those who are obstinate in not taking off their rose-colored glasses and trying to make pious excuses for this debacle.  In the past few days, much commentary has been written.  I will not attempt to regurgitate them but will link to them so that you may read them.  I hope you will; too many still insist on remaining naive and ignorant to the proceedings, perhaps to their eternal peril.

First, I commend to your reading a post from Pat Archibald entitled "The Truth About This Crisis".  And yes, if anything should now be crystal clear, the Church is in deep crisis as many of her shepherds are trying their best to justify their dereliction of duty in teaching about Humanae Vitae and enforcing Church discipline.

Another I'd like to recommend is from my CMC colleague's blog, Les Femmes, as she asks, "What's Wrong With The Synod On The Family".  She in turn is commenting on a piece by Phil Lawler.  We all agree that many fundamental things are wrong with this SinNod.

Father Daniel McCaffrey of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City is a priest who has made it his mission to proclaim the Church's true teachings on contraception.  In an interview given to LifeSiteNews, he stated that the synod will not be successful unless it addresses the failure of the clergy to teach about Humanae Vitae.  He states that unless that happens there will be a "very cold, dark winter ahead of the Church".  I will add that not only is there refusal to address contraception within the Archdiocese of Washington, at least one priest who attempted to do so was flat-out punished.  Within a church in Montgomery County, he offered a class on Humanae Vitae.  When some progressive dissidents had their consciences stung (for they were probably engaged in that mortal sin), they complained to the pastor.  Immediately the priest was forbidden to celebrate public Mass and was transferred to a far-away location.  I can give no further detail for fear of exposing that priest to additional retribution.

Rorate Caeli received a letter from a reader in East Africa.  This reader, a friend of his faithful bishop, relates the horror that this bishop expressed when he read his report on the proceedings of the SinNod so far.  He wept and now fears that his flock will be susceptible to "evangelism" by muslims and evangelicals when they perceive the lack of conviction displayed by so many other bishops.  The identifying information has been redacted, undoubtedly to protect this bishop from Vatican retribution.

LifeSiteNews has other accounts of African bishops defending the family at the SinNod.  It's nice to know that there are some voices of sanity at that shindig.  But consider!  Isn't it incongruous that the family would have to be defended at an ostensibly Catholic synod?  I can understand the need to defend the family at some secular event, such as a United Nations meeting.  After all, we know the UN is hostile to the family and Christianity in general.  But now we should have to defend the family before Catholic bishops - and even the Holy Father?  What is wrong with this picture?

There have been other glimmers of common sense at the SinNod.  Unlike the Piroltas of Australia who promulgated their disgusting heresies a few days ago, there was a couple from Brazil who largely echoed Father McCaffrey's convictions.  Arturo and Hemalinda As Zamberline pointed out to SinNod attendees that large numbers of clergy have flat out ignored the teachings of Humane Vitae.  That's putting it mildly.

Rorate Caeli noted Cardinal Muller's displeasure at the censorship of SinNod proceedings.  The Cardinal stated that "all Christians have the right to be informed about the intervention of their bishops".  LifeSiteNews has his interview.  But let's look on the bright side, shall we?  At least we know that the Vatican Press Office does know how to resolutely exercise control.  Now if they would just apply that same resolve to papal interviews...

There is much more that will be said in the coming week during the second half of the SinNod.  Michael Voris and his Vortex team will be in Rome to report.  I'll post videos as they are made available.  For now, here are some introductory remarks.  In them he does cut through the "keep doctrine, change pastoral practice" crap.

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  1. I do not promote dissent from the Roman Catholic Church founded by Jesus Christ. However, I lament those in the "Synod" who are dissenting from timeless teachings and aim to destroy it. May they get their just rewards here and in eternity.


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