Sunday, October 26, 2014

Election Time Means Wisdom On Windshields

In less than two weeks the polls will open as many elected offices are up for grabs.  In Maryland, for example, every local office from the governor on down to the county clerks will be filled based on the people voting.

Many people will be sporting on their cars the names of their favorite candidates.  Unfortunately that means you may well see, in a Catholic parking lot, a car touting the candidacy of someone promoting abortion, gay lifestyles, etc.  Obviously they are either dissident from the Church in matters of public morals OR they are victims of lousy catechesis.

Either way, they can benefit from Wisdom on Windshields.  It is an educational flyer that can be placed on the car of the obviously oblivious fellow Catholic.  You can download it here and have it handy on your own computer.  Print it out and always carry a supply with you to Church, as you'll never know when an opportunity will arise to educate an ignorant fellow Catholic.

This flyer is a tool that can be used to "rebuke the sinner" or "instruct the ignorant" as the case may be with the individual recipient.  Wisdom on Windshields.  Never go to church without it!

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