Tuesday, October 28, 2014

When We Must Respectfully Resist Vatican Progressives

Over the past year I have written many posts that express my concerns with this papacy.  Here is an archives of them; they do not appear in chronological order.  These concern are shared by many faithful Catholics, as evidenced on my right side-bar.

During the course of the Extraordinary Synod on the Family - which I dubbed the SinNod for the obvious attempts to normalize sodomy and adultery - we have seen the cause for our concerns multiplied exponentially.  I can think of no time in Church history when such a piece of heretical horse manure known as the interim relatio would ever have escaped the scrutiny of the sitting pontiff.  It did this time, and seems to have been engineered by the extra facilitators hand-picked by the Pope.  We stand in faith that the sitting pontiff will never solemnly proclaim error.  But in his lower-level statements and deeds, he would be well-positioned to wreck havoc upon the souls of millions nonetheless.

Some fellow bloggers brought to my attention an op-ed piece written by Ross Douthat called "The Pope And The Precipice".  I'd suggest a close reading and consideration.  He appears to be a faithful Catholic who is likewise concerned in the aftermath of this disastrous SinNod.   At the bottom, he suggests that the laity have a critical role to play in protecting the Pope from error and that will happen by resisting him in his errors.  I might prefer to state it as "resisting his errors" as opposed to resisting him as a person.

My friend at Tenth Crusade has written some excellent pieces in these past few days as another friend at Les Femmes and another blogger from Sensible Bond.  We are all sensing something horribly amiss about this papacy and its current trajectory.  If the degradation continues, we'll have to take steps to protect children and people we love from a garbled mess that can lead them to hell.

And now a word to those who persist in pretending that all is well with this papacy.  I love and respect you too much not to challenge you as you wear your rose-colored glasses and pretend that the pope walks on water in everything he says and does simply because he was elected pope.  I know there are those who think "the Holy Spirit chooses the pope".  That's not necessarily so, and that comes from none other than Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI; read from Father James Martin this quote from the Pope Emeritus along with a treatise on the process of papal election.  Some of you have taken exception to me and others as we've tried to sound the alarm.  Despite your tut-tutting, we will raise our voices for the sake of our loved ones and yes, for Holy Mother Church.  We truly hope you will open your eyes; else we will have to contradict you roundly.  We hope that won't be necessary, but that will be entirely up to you.  Let's stop the denial regarding this worsening train-wreck of a papacy.  Pray for Pope Francis, the clergy and all Christians.


  1. The people in 'denial' seem to forget that we have had a few bad Popes in the past. I would say they were not ok'd by the Holy Spirit:) But yes, it's understandable to be in denial to a certain extent. No one wants to believe that we now have a Pope that's leading the Church in the wrong direction. We were just starting to recover with Benedict from some of the liturgical errors of Vat ll and now we have a new Pontiff that is not friendly to tradition. For whatever reason, this Pope seems to want input not only from his Bishops but also from the laity. This is where we may have an advantage. Don't know how correct I am but just observing. It seems to me that no one in the hierarchy wants schism and schism is what will happen if doctrine is compromised. Pray.

  2. So what do we do? I'm so lost and so confused. What are the steps that we take to protect our families?

    1. One thought that crosses my mind is that parents and other adults will have to supplement the instructions given in CCD and RCIA classes with real solid doctrine. Read the Cathechism. Learn our Faith inside and out.
      We also cannot be afraid to stand up and speak out when we see progressive heresies being spewed forth. It might make for some socially uncomfortable situations. So what?
      What to do if we see flaming pro-aborts in the Communion line, or women getting feet washed on Holy Thursday? Those are questions to ponder, but I don't think passivity can any longer be the default option for us.

  3. I believe a lot of this comes from celebrating the Novus Ordo, which seems to inspire diverse errors, being the norm.


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