Saturday, October 4, 2014

Tomorrow The Synod Begins - Yikes!

Tomorrrow the long-awaited (or dreaded) Extraordinary Synod on the Family begins at the Vatican.  This blog hasn't said too much about it because many excellent points have been made elsewhere.  I do want to point out a few things of note.

Cardinal Walter Kasper of Germany has made the statement that Pope Francis wants to change Church law to allow divorced and civilly remarried Catholics to Holy Communion.  He also made the incredible statement that the Church is "not against birth control".

Kasper was contradicted in writing by five other cardinals; among them are Cardinal Gerhard Muller and Cardinal Raymond Burke (go here to order their book; it should be released presently).  Kasper took some umbrage at having his heresies contradicted by good men.  He flat out said that he "cleared it with the Pope".  Given the high position that Kasper enjoys AND the fact that Burke was cut from his positions of influence at the Vatican, I fear Kasper might be telling the truth.  Kasper also said he "speaks for the Pope".  I appreciate the rebuttal that Cardinal Burke offered, but again I must wonder if there is at least a grain of truth to Kasper's claim.

A few days ago I wrote of my ever-mounting concerns for this papacy.  Will we see similar anomalies proceed from this synod?  Barring a miracle we will.  My friend at "What Did the Pope Really Say?" has written some excellent pieces these past several days.  Hop over there and take a look.

I post below an interview of Kasper, where he's plainly spewing forth spiritual poison.  The video portrays him as someone "kind and compassionate", not as he truly is - someone who (regardless of motive) will cause countless souls to be damned if he is not held in check.  Now who produced that video?  Look in the bottom left corner.  That is the logo of the Catholic News Service, a media arm of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  That should tell us quite a bit about the mindsets of the gremlins who pull the puppet strings at the USCCB.  I suspect those gremlins have counterparts in the Vatican.

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  1. There will be NOTHING decisive at the end of this Synod. Francis will NOT tweak doctrine, nor will he declare a new dogma. He will 'work around' official Church teachings to declare a 'Pastoral' avenue of mercy for the state of affairs that the 'modern man' finds himself in, that Bishops and Cardinals will have to deal with either as a whole or on an individual basis, giving counsel as needed. In the meantime, the persecutions will continue WITHIN the Church of Christ 'weeding out' traditional Cardinals and Bishops, in order to 'create' the kind of 'Church' he envisions. We might as well call this..........................'The Spirit of the Synod' of 2015. In other words, we are allowing more 'satanic' stench into the Sanctuary. I'm afraid there's nothin' anyone can do, but pray. To me anyway, it is a diabolical scheme.


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