Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI - Dialogue Is No Substitute For Mission

On October 21, Archbishop Georg Ganswein, personal secretary to the Pope Emeritus, read aloud remarks written by the latter.  He reminded the people of Christ's direction to His apostles to "go make disciples of all nations".  He quite openly exposed the errors behind the phony concept of "dialogue", pointing out that "dialogue" is predicated on a fallacious assumption that "different religions are variants of one and the same reality".  "Dialogue" assumes that the "authentic truth about God is in the last analysis unreachable".

The Pope Emeritus emphasizes that "dialogue" is "lethal to faith".  Of course we can then conclude that it is inimical to the soul and will facilitate eternal damnation as opposed to the salvation that Jesus Christ wants for all souls.

I urge close reading of this address.  I particularly encourage our own local "emeritus", that is, Cardinal McCarrick to read this address; by repeated actions of his, especially in favor of islam, he may well be placing himself in a perilous place.

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