Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Vortex - Commenting On Press Conference

Michael Voris released another video today regarding the goings-on at the SinNod today.

Before I delve into that, I'll ask one teensy question.  We all know that after the various language groups elected representatives to a committee that was tasked to draft this interim report, Pope Francis unilaterally appointed six progressive clergy to the committee as well.  Cardinal Wuerl was one of them.  Here's the question.  Had the Pope not stacked this committee with progressives, would the interim report have been the wretched mess that we see today?  Something to ponder!

In what appears to be commentary about a press conference (same one in previous post??), he comments on remarks made by Bishop Napiers of South Africa.  Napiers reportedly said that the synod fathers had not seen the relatio before the press did.  Does that mean they hadn't seen it before it went onto the Vatican website?  Is this just a fishy alibi?  BUT.... if the bishops truly did not see the document before the press, who was responsible for that, and why?

Hitherto, Voris has been very reluctant to criticize what the Pope says or does.  But now he says this synod is "a defining moment for his papacy", especially in light of Cardinal Burke's public call to the pope to stand for Catholic teaching on marriage and family.


  1. Well it's time that the laity who are faithful to the Church help the the faithful bishops by taking this to the streets of Rome during next year's session. Pirotests shoukd be organized so that these origressive bushops and the pope hear from us.
    It is akso time to boycott the collection plate 16% of which goes to pay the diocesan tax to the chancery. Instead buy food for food drives, give donations directly to your parish (which unlike the collection basket, is not taxed), support your seminary directly, etc. It is time that OUR voices be heard, and the only thing that speaks to bishops is money.

    1. Caterina, I think you're right about organizing some resistance to this mess. Let's look further. Perhaps parents and other concerned individuals need to think about supplementing and correcting the education that our children will receive in CCD classes, and perhaps do the same for our relatives and friends who might be thinking of RCIA. Can you just imagine now what we'll have to do to correct marriage prep classes? We'll also have to buttress the priests and bishops who will remain faithful. We need to think on these matters now while we have some time.

  2. Well said Caterina! I am also glad to see that FINALLY Michael Voris is beginning to see the light. There are several sites that reference writing, emailing or calling the Nuncio, which I have done. Cardinal Burke has stated that we need to hear directly from the Pope Francis, that his statement upholding Catholic teaching is 'long overdue'. We in the pew need also to voice our rejection of this anti Catholic 'Relatio' and of the false Synod itself. It is a complete SHAM. And we need to do this PUBLICLY, LOUD AND CLEAR. I don't know about anyone else, but for me and my house, we will stand with The Lord! I AM ALL IN. We have heard enough of this evil heretical modernist dribble. I want my CATHOLIC CHURCH BACK PLEASE!!


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