Wednesday, October 22, 2014

This Apology Could Do With Its Own Apology

Regrettably Michael Voris issued an apology for reporting on Cardinal Burke's comments last week.  If you go here, you'll see the video is no longer working; he took it down.  My friend at Les Femmes saw this apology before I did.  I say AMEN! to all her comments and I too pledge NOT to succumb to a false clericalism that refuses to acknowledge the obvious problems issuing forth from this papacy.  Contrary to what Voris says, we do not have to "comb through" everything the Pope says to find statements that, at best, obfuscate the faith.  In fact, it takes much more effort and mental gymnastics to pretend that we are not being continuously bombarded with oddities.  If nothing else, I want to assure others that they need now bow before the "god of surprises".

I have to wonder about something.  He seems to believe that his reporting of Cardinal Burke's all-too-accurate assessments somehow "harmed the Church".  But he merely reported what the Cardinal said.  Are we to surmise from this "apology" that he believes that Cardinal Burke harmed the Church by stating that the Pope was doing harm by not standing for the Faith?  If not, where's the alleged harm?

I also couldn't help but notice a parallel between this and another situation that happened about six weeks ago.  Consider: this past Friday Voris published his report on Cardinal Burke's remarks.  A few days later it was pulled down.  Yet another few days later he issues an apology.  Does it sound familiar yet?  Here's a hint: Msgr Charles Pope!

By the time I became aware of Msgr Pope's reaction to Cardinal Dolan's stance regarding the St Patrick's gay parade, his blog post - rightly critical of Cdl Dolan - had been pulled.  Fortunately LifeSiteNews and others saved it so I was able to save it.  So, like Voris, Msgr Pope posts an article and then it's pulled down!  Then - like Voris - Msgr Pope apologized for his previous post.  Even the timing of events is almost identical.

Now if one reads Pope's apology very closely, one can detect that he apologized under duress, probably from the Archdiocese of Washington.  Their server does host his blog and he is a priest of that diocese (just happens to be mine as well).  Now a question for which we may never receive an answer: was Voris's apology influenced by some outside entity?  Perhaps I'm just speculating, but one must admit the other similarities are quite striking.


  1. As always, janet you are spot on ! No coincidence here. There are so few that are not compromised ! Amen to you and Mary Ann !

  2. It reminds me of Barrack Insane Obama saying we have to wait to see if all these attacks are Islamic ! Please ! How stupid does he think we all are. Same applies here. Keep up your fine reporting.

  3. And.........I have wondered about Mr. Voris being 'beholdin' to someone as well. Not to say he IS but curious. Very curious indeed, but also at the same time disturbing. Seems to fly in the face of his entire ministry. Sad in a way.

  4. While I agree with the analysis concerning whether it is acceptable to criticize the pope, I have to disagree with the parallels to msgr. Pope's situation. There are no substantial parallels between these two situations other than that both men posted something, pulled it down, and apologized. I think it is a false inference to suggest that this offers substantial proof that Voris was influenced by some outside source, and that, out of charity, we should refrain from making such assumptions unless there is substantial evidence for this. Voris might have been influenced by an outside backer, or he might have simply had a change of heart (right or wrong) and sincerely felt that what he did was wrong--after all there were some in the blogosphere who were pointing out that he had finally shifted his public position on the pope, so perhaps this caused him to reflect and apologize. All I'm saying is that, until we know (and by know, I mean have actual evidence for, not just hearsay or speculation), it really is important for Catholics, out of charity, to at least take the man at his word. You can disagree with him, but I don't think its right to be speculating on his motivations.

  5. To believe that the similarities between the two situations to be more than mere coincidence is not unreasonable. You're right, of course, in that we cannot be certain.

  6. Was Voris influenced by an outside entity to take down that video and issue an apology? I believe he was. And I believe that outside entity were people associated with Opus Dei. CMTV was set up with help from a businessman who was a member. Fr. Nicholson, Voris's priest friend, is with OD. Voris, in a video four years ago, recommended OD as a wonderful organization to belong to. So, I think Opus Dei members, who are never allowed to criticize the Pope or any of their superiors, had something to do with Voris's asinine apology.


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