Saturday, November 7, 2015

Catholic Standard Follies - Fawning Over Female Catholic Dissidents

In today's edition of the Catholic Standard we read of a panel discussion by three so-called Catholic women "leaders", moderated by John Car, that occurred at Georgetown University.  They were offering advice on leadership.  Given who these women are, one would do well to listen to their advice and do the exact opposite.

Now one might wonder why I'm pointing fingers at the Catholic Standard since it was Georgetown University that hosted this gab-fest.  It's quite simple.  The article is written by Mark Zimmerman, editor of the Standard, and he disingenuously omits key details about these women - details that would make plain to everyone that these gals aren't qualified to advise children in tying their shoelaces much less Catholic leaders in how to lead.  But not to worry!  I and others have already supplied many of these details.  I'll recap below:
  • Sister Carol Keehan - Without her shilling for Obamacare in 2010, that deadly piece of legislation might never have been passed.  As a result, religious sisters are compelled to fund contraception and thousands (if not millions) of babies will have Keehan to thank for their murders.  Besides that, she's got quite a rap sheet.  FYI, when Keehan gave the commencement address at Gonzaga's commencement in June 2010, we were there!
  • Carolyn Woo - She is president of the scandal-ridden Catholic Relief Services.  The Lepanto Institute has exposed much corruption within the organization, such as their direct involvement in the distribution of abortifacients and of retaining as one of their vice presidents a man who is in a same-sex marriage (and quite unabashed about it).  No truly Catholic organization wants to emulate this woman's habits.
  • Sister Donna Markham - See this.  She too jumped on the Obamacare bandwagon in 2010.  She also did a stint as president of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.  When the Vatican launched its investigation into the LCWR, well, let's just say she had a lapse in memory when it came to her religious vows.
  • John Carr - He comes with his most unimpressive baggage pertaining to his promotion of progressivism while occupying positions within the USCCB.
See, Mark?  This information was not that hard to find; and I think you know that!  Now the million-dollar questions are, "Why did you not report that?  What is the agenda?  Who is dictating the contents of these articles?"

Much of what was uttered at that meeting was pure drivel and a good bit of that was a feeble attempt at "damage control" to try to dismiss the evidence of their malfeasances as reported by this blog and discovered by Lepanto, Church Militant and other organizations.

I will focus on one key admission by Markham as she pouted over the chastisement that Catholic Charities received for accepting government funding.  She mentioned that they receive approximately 64% of their budget from government grants.  Now what are the sources of these "government grants"?  Hint - stare into the mirror and you'll see one source, albeit an unwilling one.  It comes from our tax dollars.  Ladies and gentlemen, when they accept these tax dollars, they accept money that has been extorted from each and every one of us.  The feds have no authority under the US Constitution to engage in this de facto wealth redistribution; they also have no basis in morality to do so, either.  In accepting such funds, Catholic Charities benefits from such extortion and can be said to be contributing to the wrong-doing of the feds.

It can also be said that Catholic Charities is accepting bribes from the feds.  Might this be why they are so quick to jump on board with every progressive effort in which the feds engage?  In the past, Catholic Charities has been known to: allow an employee to take a client for an abortion appointment, conduct "needle exchange programs", take millions of dollars to facilitate illegal immigration, smooching up to pro-aborts in high places, etc.

The Baltimore Catechism teaches us that Jesus Christ founded the Church to help people get to heaven.  Therefore the chief purpose of every endeavor of the Church must be oriented to that end.  Not once in that article did I see the word "heaven" mentioned.  Other words that I failed to notice include "soul", "hell", "sacrament", "eternal life".  You get the drift.

This panel presented a picture on how NOT to lead any Church endeavor.

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