Friday, November 20, 2015

News Flash! The Refugees ARE Being Vetted!

It's true.  The Obama cartel is vetting refugees seeking asylum in this country. It's just that his criteria for so doing falls way short of decency and common sense.

On Allen West's website we see the true demographics of the population that the Messiah Most Miserable wishes to inflict upon us.  Of all those poor Syrian refugees, only 52% are actually from Syria.  Fancy that!  62% of them are males of military age: very few children.  What's up with that?  Will a goodly portion of them hightail it to areas targeted by ISIS, just like the fellow who eluded the Louisiana Catholic Charities and scurried up to Washington DC?  It was also revealed that the mastermind behind the Paris attacks got into France by posing as a refugee!  Surprise!

Now there is vetting going on, to be sure.  Christians and other non-muslims from the middle east are being denied entry.  There is even a situation where a European Christian family who fled Germany to practice their faith will be deported!  Rather selective treatment, wouldn't you say?

Why cannot so many otherwise well-meaning Christians connect the obvious dots?

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  1. the usccb and catholic charities are behind this with their willing hands grabbing our tax dollars and passing baskets in church. other denominations are complicit in this as I call treason/sedition--we have to stop this.


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