Thursday, November 12, 2015

Happy Birthday To Cardinal Wuerl!

Today is Cardinal Wuerl's birthday - his 75th, to be precise.  He has reached the age at which all prelates must submit their resignations to the pope.  Of course it is the pope's discretion as to whether or not said resignation will be accepted.  Because they are of such like mind, I strongly suspect that will not happen, but our God is one of "surprises", right?

Whatever the outcome, let us pray for the Cardinal and all our clergy, that they may realize and appreciate the weight and responsibilities of their holy offices.  Both Scripture and Tradition hold that their judgments will be more stringent since they have responsibility for the souls entrusted to their care.

If the pope does decide to accept the cardinal's resignation, let us pray that his successor will be one who knows that he is a shepherd of souls and not a politician or ceo of a "social justice outreach".

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