Thursday, November 5, 2015

Once Again It's Time To Say #no3cchd

In most dioceses in the United States, November is still the time for that USCCB-sponsored scam called the CCHD collection.  All you need do is put "CCHD" or "Campaign for Human Development" in the search box above to view a plethora of documentation regarding this decades-old scheme to fool Catholics into funding organizations that are anti-life and anti-God.

Below is a video put together by Mary Ann Kreitzer, blogger of Les Femmes and my Catholic Media Coalition colleague.  Below that is an envelope stuffer that you may wish to put in your CCHD envelopes in lieu of money.  I don't know when the collection is for the various dioceses, since my own held its collection in August.  Please be prepared and say #no2cchd.  Please spread this around.

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