Thursday, November 5, 2015

Yes, Virginia, De Facto Schism Is Underway In The Church

Last Saturday when I commented on the ecumenicide in which the USCCB was embroiling itself, I somehow missed one of the most egregious aspects of it, although it was unabashedly stated in the USCCB press release.  Here it is: "It also suggests that the expansion of opportunities for Lutherans and Catholics to receive Holy Communion together would be a sign of the agreements already reached."  Ladies and gentlemen, it would be sacrilege to allow Holy Communion to be given to those who are not in union with Rome.  Holy Communion is not a mere "sign of agreements" but is the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ Himself.

But my purpose here is not to go into a treatise on Holy Communion but to illustrate the lack of belief in the Real Presence on the part of many of our bishops.  How could the USCCB even suggest such sacrilege if they had even just a smidgen of belief in the Real Presence as taught by the Church?  And that's not the only teachings that are being disobeyed by many bishops.  Toronto Catholic Witness reports that Archbishop Henryk Hoser of the Archdiocese of Warszawa-Praga has stated quite frankly that "some bishops do not even accept the official teachings of the Church".  In the context of that interview, he is speaking of the Church's teachings on sexuality and family, particularly Humanae Vitae.

 Until this past sin-nod, there were well-intentioned Catholics who could just not admit that there are serious problems with this papacy.  The truth is becoming harder and harder to deny, as evidenced by some very recent articles.  Please read:
I'd also suggest reading One Peter Five's piece.  He is spot-on.  What some people are just now seeing has been ongoing for decades now.  I'll echo my colleague's last line: "Welcome to the war.  It's about time you showed up."



  2. Good thoughts. And remember, who are the schismatics. I submit to you that the heretical Martini-Bergoglio-Kasper Junta of heretics: THEY ARE THE SCHISMATICS. THere heresy is so obvious, their breaking of the canons in electing Bergoglio as the BENEFICIARY OF CONSPIRACY against CHRIST'S HOLY CHURCH - he Bergoglio and his Kasperian allies are plotting to ruin Christ's HOLY CHURCH. Of course they cannot succeed in such a masonic and heretical plot. God laughs at them: "EVEN NOW saith the LORD HAVE I SET MY KING UPON THE HOLY HILL OF ZION!!!" (Psalm 2) And, "He shall laugh them to scorn! He shall keep them in derision!" And "I am against the Pastors and False Prophets!" (Ezekiel) The return of Christ the King is IMMINENT. time's up berger king!


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