Friday, November 13, 2015

The Poison Pill That Is The Final Report From The Ordinary Synod On The Family

Voice of the Family published a piece yesterday that shows closer examination of the language used in the final report of the synod that ended last month.  I urge all to study it.  The language utilized in paragraphs 84-86 is really quite insidious.  As the title suggests, the sin-nod fathers place sociology - at least the progressive form of it - on a par with, or even above, the teachings of Jesus Christ.  It also places the gobblygoop uttered by the pope about the need for a "deeply merciful" church in a more comprehensive perspective.  VOTF correctly states that repentance is needed before any "integration".  The Church has always been "deeply merciful".  But real mercy can only happen within the context of the Sacrament of Confession, and that requires real repentance along with cessation of sinful activity by which the sinner excluded him/herself from the Church in the first place.

Also published yesterday was a piece by my blogging colleague at Vox Cantoris.  He writes about how a priest is waking up to the fact that the pope wants to change the Church by causing her to be alienated from her own moorings.  Ladies and gentlemen, because he is the pope, we know that he cannot solemnly promulgate error.  That's a promise from Jesus Christ Himself - but that's all He promised!  There are many other ways that much harm can be accomplished.

Cardinal Gerhard Muller, one of Germany's faithful prelates, states that the Church is going through "painful persecution".  While true, what he said might win the "understatement of the year" award.  He uttered one piece of truth that directly confronts the apparent mindset of those who composed those three paragraphs of the synod's final report: "The work of the Church is not to reflect the opinions of her members.  The Church's job is to reflect the point of view of her Head and Founder: Jesus Christ."  Clearly those "opinions of her members would include any foolish notion of "integration" of those in mortal sin before they properly avail themselves of the Sacrament of Confession.

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